Stock # 1170C
Mileage: 112,250
VIN: WP0EB0912GS161170
3.2L Flat 6 L
5 Speed Manual
Iris Blue Metallic
Navy Script Partial

1986 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Targa

112,250 Miles From New
Original Owner 1986-2016
Iris Blue Metallic / Blue Script Seats
Fastidiously Owned, Records From New
Consignment Sale

VIN: WP0EB0912GS161170

Paint: Iris Blue Metallic (L33P)
Trim: Navy Partial Script (JK)
Options: California Type Car (C03), Blaupunkt Monterey Cassette Radio (158), Central Locking System (341), 16” Fuchs Forged Alloy Wheels – 6” Front and 7” Rear (395), Automatic Heating Control (424), 8-Way Powered Seats (438), Alarm (533)

We are selling this beauuutiful '86 3.2 Targa on behalf of a local gentleman who has owned the car for just over a year and intends to move onto something more modern and city-drivable. The car was sold new in Maplewood, Minnesota to a Mr. Magnuson of St. Paul, and he held onto the car all the way until 2016, when he sold it to a local dealer. That dealer sent the car out for a cosmetic refresh to the tune of over $20k shortly after purchasing. Please inquire for a scan of the receipt, but the car was very thoroughly gone over. Tired-looking light lenses were replaced, all the weatherstripping was replaced, the paint was tidied-up and cleared, wheels were refinished and new tires mounted, and the targa top was refinished. The car will be sold with this receipt, the original manual and booklet with dealer stamped services through the first 23k miles, various minor service receipts, as well as a handwritten record from the original owner documenting just about every oil change, fuel fill-up, wash, battery, and tire change from when he bought the car in 1986 until he sold it in 2016 at 109,900 miles. The car received a new clutch/assembly at Porsche of Minneapolis in the summer of 2016, about 2500 miles ago. As it sits now, this is a nicely-sorted, tremendously pretty example with a well-documented, known history from new and in a great spec.

The Exterior:
- Please see the video along with the listing, as the car is shown in detail. All blemishes are shown close-up and in direct sunlight. The exterior of this car is truly in phenomenal shape. Very much show-worthy and one to feel proud of. The car has seen one respray in the correct Iris Blue Metallic (2016, Raymond Auto Body of St. Paul) and was done to an extremely high standard. The car has seen just 2000 miles since then, and really has no wear to show aside from the odd microscopic chip on the lower front end. No scratches, dings, paint blemishes, etc. An elcometer shows paint depth readings of between 6.0-12.5 on all the lower corners of the car; there is no evidence of filler on the typical rust-prone spots. Rockers are absolutely spotless.
- Wheels and tires are both in great shape. Factory optional staggered alloy Fuchs were refinished in 2016 with black centers and look like-new. According to the DOT number, the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3s were manufactured in 2014.
- As mentioned already, typical age-related items like weatherstripping, light lenses, trim, badges, targa bar, targa top, factory stickers, bumper guards, accordions, etc. were all new/refinished in 2016.
- Glass is all clear and crack/chip free.
- Doors, hood, deck lid all open and close nice and smoothly.

The Interior:
- Again, please defer to the photos and video. Interior is really impressive. Observable signs of wear include some fading on the driver's outer bolster, as well as a small puncture in the center of the driver's upper seatback. While it may look like there's quite a bit of sunbleaching/turning-purple of the seat centers in the photos, particularly on the fold-down rear seats, this is actually due to the dim artificial lighting of the showroom. In reality it's very minor, pretty much negligible; outside in natural light those rear seats look good.
- Original Blaupunkt Monterey was replaced with an excellent-sounding Pioneer system with functional bluetooth. The Monterey will come along with the car.
- Air conditioning was converted to R134a in 2007. While the compressor does kick on, there is a diagnosed leak in the system so it will not hold a charge. Heat/defrost/fan are functional.
- Gauges are all functional and accurate, including the odometer. Odometer reads 112,250 and is correct based on known history from new and extensive records. It is worth noting that this car saw no periods of extended storage; extensive handwritten notes from the original owner show consistent mileage through the years, with the car only being driven from late April through mid October.
- Original carpet is in excellent shape, and the car will also come with a set of matching Coco Mats.

Under the Hood / Under the Car:
- Underbody is much like the rest of the car - very nice, with no damage or rust. No evidence of any prior metal work underneath, or any poorly-judged jack points. Many dabs of factory paint are still visible throughout the underbody. With some time dedicated to an underbody detailing, this car would clean up to be absolutely immaculate. Take a look at the photos of the inside of the front pan, it's bone dry! Again, dabs of factory paint all over the inner front trunk.
- Please inquire for scanned service records. The original owner of this car, Mr. Magnuson, who put 109,900 of the 112,250 miles on the car, was a total nut when it came to his car. New tires were put on seemingly every 4000 miles and the oil was changed frequently. Hell, he recorded the mileage and cost of each tank of gas throughout his 30-year ownership. With the exception of a 2016 clutch assembly service and general mechanical inspection, we do not see any receipt of another engine-out service. Presumably a major service was never warranted, or additional records were misplaced over the years. Regardless, there are absolutely no on-road tendencies of concern. The car feels tight, dialed-in, and excellent in every way. A fantastic, confidence-inspiring driver that we wouldn't hesitate to take on a long road trip tomorrow. The car stays nice and cool, pulls hard through the gears, tracks and brakes nice and straight, sounds great, shifts smooth, and looks great at every angle. These G-body cars are a real pleasure to own and drive, and this example is one of the finest we've ever had the opportunity to get up close and personal with.

For additional information or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.

1986 Porsche

3.2 Carrera Targa

Stock # 1170C