Stock # EV734
Mileage: 37,330
VIN: 2H37R4P259026
400ci V8 L
Cameo White
Oxblood Vinyl

1974 Pontiac Grand Am

Single Family Owned – Father then Son
37k Actual Miles From New
Unrestored and Excellent – Original Paint & Interior!
$17k in Recent Service Receipts, Excellent Documentation

VIN: 2H37R4P259026
2: Pontiac
H: Grand Am
37: 2dr Sedan
R: 400ci V8, 2BBL, Single Exhaust
4: 1974 Model Year
P: Pontiac, MI Assembly Plant
259026: Production Number

Trim: Oxblood Vinyl (277), Reclining Bucket Seats (AT9)
Paint: Cameo White (11)
Build Date: May, Third Week (05C)

We purchased this fantastic '74 Grand Am from a gentleman in Dearborn, Michigan, whose father had purchased it new from Bob Sellers Pontiac of Detroit. He had traded in his '68 Mustang for it, the trade being valued at $837 at the time and put towards the Grand Am's $4645 sale price. The original owner drove the car 31k miles over the first four years of his ownership, then he moved on to another car and the Grand Am was put away in his garage. Thirty years later, in 2008, the original owner's son pulled the car out of the garage and sent it to Motor City Steel of Walled Lake, MI for a mechanical going-through. Receipts of the mechanical services are shown in the gallery, so please take a look through those, as the job was awfully thorough. The car has since been driven about 6k miles in ten years and, as it sits now, the car is in need of nothing. The car now has 37,330 miles and remains in absolutely excellent, unrestored condition. With original paint, original interior, a nice dry underbody, and north of $15k of recent service receipts, this Grand Am is one truly impressive survivor and surely one of the finest Grand Ams out there.

- Please see the video along with the listing, as the car is shown in detail. Blemishes, while there are very few, are all shown close-up and under direct sunlight. Blemishes are limited to a few little chips on the driver door, and a few more chips below the key hole on the trunk lid.
- Original Cameo White paint throughout, with the exception of the passenger door, which was resprayed to correct little parking lot nicks. We put an elcometer all over the car and got readings of 2.7-3.0 everywhere, with the passenger door reading in the upper 5s. Paint is in pretty unbelievable condition considering its age. Truly no signs of aging. No peeling, bubbling, fading, or discoloring. Show-worthy, undoubtedly. Red/white/blue pinstripe is stuck on rather than painted, and presents nicely.
- Body is nice and straight. There is one little ding at the forward lower corner of the passenger door (again, see video), but that is of course very minor. There are no bubbles at the lowest corners, rockers are phenomenally clean.
- Glass and light lenses are all clear and crack-free. Lights and signals are all functional.
- Factory rally wheels are in nice shape, beauty rings show no oxidation or curb rash. BFG Radial TA tires are in excellent shape and the DOT number indicates they were manufactured in 2008. No dryness, have seen right about 6,000 miles of use.

- Please defer to the photos and video, as the interior is shown in detail. Interior, much like the rest of the car, is very impressive. Original Oxblood vinyl seats show very little wear, with the only real evidence of them having been used is a small spot on the driver's outer bolster seam where there is a bit of fraying. Seats are excellent in both the front and rear.
- Carpet is fantastic. Still nice and plush, with no discoloration or significant signs of age. The car will come with an original set of red rubber floormats as well.
- Headliner is nice and tight. Flat surface under the rear glass is excellent.
- Door sills are clean and polished. Door jambs look good too, with all stickers clearly legible and no rust in the lower corners or along the bottom of the doors.
- Door panels are in excellent shape, with no kicked-open markings or other damage.
- Radio is functional (AM/FM/8-track), R12 air conditioning kicks on but does not blow cold, heat and defrost are functional, handbrake is functional, horn is good, wipers are good, interior lights are good, and the analog clock is not functional. Gauges are all functional, including the odometer which currently reads 37,330.

- Please take a look through the photos, as the underbody is shown in detail. This car is extremely dry, with no through rust whatsoever. This car was Ziebarted at the dealer when new, and the undercoating has certainly served its purpose.
- Exhaust: FloTech headers with ceramic coating, Magnaflow stainless dual exhaust, all new in 2008.
- Please defer to the service records shown in the gallery. 2008 mechanical refresh was extremely thorough. This car has been gone-through with a fine tooth comb and is ready to be used and enjoyed headache-free by its next adoring owner.
- Original 400ci V8, engine number 483424YF. While there is a 4BBL Rochester Quadrajet and K&N air cleaner on there now, the car will also come with its original intake, which is in great shape and still has the clearly legible GM sticker on it.
- Documentation includes the original sales invoice from Bob Sellers Pontiac, original build sheet (a bit tattered), first 1974 registration, mechanical restoration receipts, post-mechanical-refresh dyno report with original 2bbl vs current 4bbl, as well as Pontiac Historical Society documents.

With any further questions or to discuss purchasing, please contact Jake at Chicago Car Club at 773-267-2684 or