Stock # EV712
Mileage: 47,395
VIN: SCCDC0825YHA10097
3.5L V8 L
5spd Manual
Aluminum Silver
Red Leather

2000 Lotus Esprit V8 Twin Turbo

47,395 Miles From New
The ONLY Aluminum/Red V8 SE for 2000! 1 of 1!
Excellent Documentation – Receipts, COA, Window Sticker
2019 Engine Rebuild

VIN: SCCDC0825YHA10097
Paint: Aluminum Metallic (B35)
Trim: Red Leather (XX17)
Production Date: May 25th, 2000

Sold new in Summit, New Jersey, this 2000 Lotus Esprit V8 Twin Turbo spent the first eight years and 27k miles of its life between two owners in the Long Island, NY area. It then resided in Ohio for a brief while before coming to Illinois in 2012. The Illinois-based owner we purchased the car from last year drove the car often and maintained it well; please see the later “Mechanical” portion of this listing for a summary of all the service records that will come with the car. Despite the car's extensive service history, it wasn't long into our ownership that we observed a noise while in gear that sounded to be lower engine….then diagnosed as a spun crank bearing. We pulled the engine, and while it's out, it made sense to do a comprehensive rebuild. The 2019 job went so far as to include resurfacing the cylinder head, replacement of all 8 pistons, crankshaft, clutch, alternator, and much more. All OEM parts from JAE Parts were used, and a reputable mechanic completed the work. Records from previous owners indicate modifications from stock to be a Quicksilver stainless Super Sport exhaust, as well as sport cats. The mechanical legwork is done and now this car is in need of just one thing….exercise! This car is well-sorted and seriously quick. It sounds phenomenal and looks very sharp in the exceedingly rare colorway of aluminum silver over red leather.

- Please see the video along with the listing, as the car is shown in detail. Blemishes are minimal; limited to a handful of minor chips scattered about the lower front end and side skirts. Plastic front spoiler shows some slight age in the photos….it has since been cleaned up and sprayed and it looks great.
- The car has seen a bit of paintwork over the years. As noted on the Autocheck/CarFax report, the car was involved in an accident in 2004 while in New York, though no additional details are known. It is noted that the airbags were NOT deployed, which, in addition to the lack of any observable signs of damage, leads us to believe this was a minor incident. Upon getting the car we had the mirrors resprayed as they had some small rock chips, and the front bumper repainted due to the removal of the clear bra that had been on the car since new. As it sits now, the Aluminum Silver paint presents extremely well. Car is very much a head turner and is undoubtedly show-ready.
- Body is nice and straight, with no dents, dings, scuffs, scrapes, etc.
- Glass and light lenses are all clear and crack-free. Lights and signals are all functional.
- OZ wheels are very nice, with no curb rash or damage. Michelin Pilot Sport tires are in decent shape. DOT number indicates they were manufactured in 2011, and there is about 70% tread remaining. Receipt indicates they were mounted in 2013.
- Panel fitment is spot-on. Doors, hood, and trunk all open and close nice and smoothly.

- Again, please defer to the video for a good look. Red leather looks great against the silver exterior. Driver's outer bolster shows some wear, passenger's side is nicer. Carpeting is in great shape, and the car will also come with black Lotus floormats. We love the shape of the dash on these cars, definitely something out of the ordinary with its aggressive downward-sloping shape. Dash is in great shape, with no observable scrapes, scuffs, or significant wear.
- Alpine CDA9887 radio/CD player is functional and sounds great.
- R134a air conditioning is not functional, and we do not hear the compressor kick on.
- Gauges, dash lights, and interior lights are all functional. Odometer reads 47,395 and is functional and accurate based on extensive records as well as condition of observable wear items.

Mechanical / Underbody:
- Please take a look through the underbody photos, as the car is documented in detail. This car is excellent underneath. No rust, damage, or active leaks to note.

Service History:
2002, Lamborghini Chicago ($800): Replace cam belts.
2010, Bentley Maserati St. Louis ($230): Replace O2 sensor.
2010, Esprit Performance: Pair Lotus Esprit V8 Exhaust 200 Sports Cats. Quicksilver stainless steel super sport exhaust.
2012, Lamborghini Chicago, 35,900 Miles ($7,250): Replace rear axle seals. Coolant and brake flush. Rebuild both turbos. Replace coolant cap and fuel filler. Replace timing belts. Change oil/filter and spark plugs.
2013, Lamborghini Chicago, 42,100 Miles ($2100): Change oil. Flush coolant. Replace both front shocks. Replace right axle seal. Replace left turbo oil return gasket. Replace throttle body gaskets and reseal plenum. Repair cold start intake harness. Reset timing and adjust belt tension.
2013: Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Tires
2014, Willow Automotive ($986): Replace battery. Smoke test intake system, no leaks found. Pressure test cooling system.
2015, Willow Automotive, 44,130 Miles ($7,945): Replace EGR valve and gasket. Check camshaft timing and adjust. Replace water pump. Replace coolant hoses. Flush fuel injectors and check resistance cold and warm. Replace ignition cables. Re-insulate wiring of wiring harness. Replace missing air cleaner hardware. Change engine oil and filter, 10W60. Flush coolant and bleed system. Check compression (150, 150, 155, 155, 160, 160, 165, 160psi). Evacuate and charge air conditioning. Extensively test drive.
2016, Willow Automotive ($4,070): Replace intake air temp sensor. Change spark plugs. Change oil and filter. Replace rear brake pads. Flush hydraulic system and renew brake fluid. Replace engine and transmission mounts. Evacuate R134 air conditioning system and recharge.
2019, Albany Auto Chicago, 47,300 Miles: Remove and tear down engine. [Sublet: Integrity Automotive – Resurface cylinder head, replace and reassemble cam and lifter assembly, recondition connecting rods, replace crankshaft, hone engine block, reface flywheel, complete block reassembly. All eight pistons are new. Crankshaft, turbo studs, manifold studs, and connecting rod bolts are all new.] Head gasket, gasket set, timing belt and rotor, clutch kit, throwout bearing, thermostat, and alternator were all done as well.

With any further questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.

2000 Lotus

Esprit V8 Twin Turbo

Stock # EV712