Stock # EV744
Mileage: N/A
VIN: D7FH150000
312-4V V8, 245hp L
3spd Automatic
Light Blue
Two Tone Blue

1957 Ford Thunderbird

Light Blue over Two-Tone Blue Vinyl
Hardtop, Soft Top, Tonneau Cover, Fender Skirts
245hp 312-4V V8, 3spd Automatic

VIN: D7FH150000
Original Color: Two-Tone Bronze & White (QE)
Original Interior: Bronze Vinyl (XJ)
Build Date: November 26th, 1956
Engine: D-Code 312-4V V8, 245hp. #6015-C, Correct and Presumed Original
Transmission: Ford-O-Matic 3spd Automatic
Rear End: 3.10:1

We purchased this beautiful '57 Thunderbird from a woman in Naperville, IL who had owned the car for the last nineteen years. The car had been in Montana for many years, then moved to Wisconsin in the mid 90s and was subsequently restored and sold, and has been in Illinois ever since. The car underwent a color change during the 90s restoration, going from bronze on bronze to an excellent light blue on two-tone blue interior. The car will come with the matching dark blue hardtop as well. This car has seen a good bit of upkeep in recent years, so please see service record summary towards the end of this listing. Since purchasing the car we've changed the oil, serviced the brakes (replaced leaky wheel cylinders and hoses), and begun to add mileage. As it sits now, this is a nicely sorted, well-presented example that is in need of nothing other than a new owner.

- Please see the video along with the listing, as the car is shown in detail. Cosmetic blemishes are all shown close-up.
- Originally Thunderbird Bronze, the car now wears a repaint in light blue. Bright colors like the current blue suit the car beautifully, and we love the two-tone blue interior to match. Paint presents well but as it is now nearly thirty years old, there are some minor blemishes. There are a number of touched-up chips, so please defer to the video for a close look at those. Aside from that though, the car is in impressive cosmetic condition. The body is nice and straight, with no more than a couple very light dings, and the body panels are free of any bubbling or other visible corrosion. This car has been responsibly owned, well-stored, and it shows.
- Car will come with a hard top, soft top, and tonneau cover. Please defer to the photos, but the hardtop is in excellent condition. White original soft top is a bit tired, but good condition overall. We enjoy driving the car top off, tonneau cover on.
- Driver's window has a crack in the top corner, not through. Aside from that, glass is in nice shape. Lights and signals are all intact and functional.
- Body-colored steel wheels are in good shape, as are the hubcaps. Driver's front hubcap has a small wrinkle on the outer ring, other ones are all nice. Whitewall tires are free of any dryness or significant wear, though we are not positive as to their age.
- Chrome is excellent. Front and rear bumpers, as well as trim pieces, all have a nice mirror-like shine and show no oxidation.
- Panel fitment is excellent except for the driver's door, which has a slightly larger rear gap than would be ideal. Doors open and close nice and smooth, no need to slam.
- Car will come with its original rear wheel skirts, though the light blue color is slightly mismatched to the body (hence why they aren't on the car in the photos).

- Again, please defer to the photos and video. Two-tone blue looks great here. Seats are free of any punctures. There's a scuff on the driver's outer bolster from where the seat rubs the door panel armrest when the seat is folded forward, but aside from that the bench seat looks great. Carpet is a bit tired, particularly on the passenger floor. Not bad, but showing its age a bit.
- Blower/heat is functional. This car does not have air conditioning. Radio is not functional. Wipers are functional. Interior lights are all functional.
- Dash looks great. Top is free of any damage, discoloring, etc. Original steering wheel has been painted to match, but there are a couple tiny little spots where you can see the blue flaking away to reveal the original bronze color underneath. Odometer reads 12,169. While the odometer is functional, we do not know actual mileage for certain. Tachometer and temp gauge are functional, fuel gauge is not accurate.

Mechanical & Underbody:
- Car looks good underneath. Awfully dry car. There's some surface rust on exhaust components, but nothing through, and no damage. Car is very much solid and structurally sound.
- This car retains what appears to be its original drivetrain, the 312ci 4-barrel V8 and 3spd Ford-O-Matic trans. 6015-C block, 245hp. Car runs and drives very well. It fires right up, idles cool, steady, and quiet, and pulls hard through the gears. It shifts smoothly (trans rebuild 500 miles ago!), and brakes straight and effectively. Steering is direct, car does not wander. A real pleasure to drive. The car has been well serviced in recent years, despite seeing little road use (see receipts summary below…). The exhaust is a little smoky from lack of exercise, but this will go away as we drive it. We've serviced the brakes and changed the oil, and now the car just needs someone to use and enjoy it.

Service Records:
2000 (11,700 Miles): Trans overhaul kit, replace torque converter, rebuild starter. Replace two brake drums, replace wheel cylinder rubbers, replace front and rear U-joints, replace axle seals, replace valve cover gaskets.
2008 (12,100): Replace accelerator pump, adjust carb.
2010 (12,100): Replace ignition coil, 8 spark plugs, plug wires, points, distributor cap/rotor/condenser, front wheel seals, repack front wheel bearings, change oil/filter, repair seat adjuster.
2014 (12,150): Replace battery, change oil/filter, rebuild carburetor.
2019 (12,165): Change oil, replace all 8 wheel cylinders.

For further information, photo requests, or to discuss purchasing, please contact Jake at Chicago Car Club. 773-267-2684,