Stock # 0911C
Mileage: 55,485
VIN: WBAEE310501050911
3.5L M88/3 Straight 6 L
5spd Manual
Pearl Beige Leather

1985 BMW M635CSi Euro


VIN: WBAEE310501050911
Paint: Schwarz Black
Upholstery: Pearl Beige Leather
Date of Manufacture: October 31st, 1984

We're selling this excellent '85 M635csi on behalf of an Indiana couple who have owned the car since 2006. They purchased the car through a Florida dealer who was consigning the car on behalf of a gentleman who was reportedly the original owner, a West Palm Beach based collector. He had purchased the car new from Autohaus Stöckmann Remscheid, a German dealer, and subsequently imported the car through Voollner Enterprises of Palm Beach, kept the car for twenty years, and put 36,900 miles on it over the course his ownership. Under the original owner, the car was reportedly always stored in a climate-controlled facility with the rest of his collection.

This car has been under the care of BMW enthusiasts since new; since 2006 it has shared a 3-car garage with a fantastic e9 and an e30, and has been routinely serviced at a classic import specialist in Indiana. This very special 6er is a car that we're excited to have the opportunity to bring to market, because while US-market 635csis are a relatively common sight on US roads even today, these M88/3 powered Euro M-cars are phenomenally rare stateside, particularly in this exemplary condition, and we are happy to report that the driving experience does live up to the aura of unobtainium surrounding the M635csi model. As it sits now, this 55k-mile Black/Beige example is in need of nothing other than a new owner who will use, appreciate, and enjoy the car for many miles to come.

- Please see the video along with the listing, as the car is shown in detail. It is a ten minute walkthrough video showing the condition in depth, and an additional video with driving clips is available as well ( Blemishes are all shown close-up and under direct sunlight. Imperfections include some very light spiderwebbing of the finish on the top of the drivers front fender flare, 55k miles worth of wear on the front spoiler, as well as a handful of minor chips.
- This car retains its original paint, as confirmed with an elcometer (consistent readings of 2.6-3.3 throughout), with the exception of the hood and tops of the front fenders (blended from hood for consistency). Four years ago a branch fell on the car's hood while parked, and since it could not be PDR'd, the hood was painted. Paint all the way around presents very well, especially considering its age. No swirling or dullness like we so often see with black cars; the finish of this paint is glassy and mirror-like, as you can probably tell from the outdoor photos and video. Handsome car.
- Glass and light lenses are all clear and original. All of the factory stickers are still in place on the glass, which is great to see, as well as a sticker on the rear bumper from the original selling dealer. Lights and signals are all functional, and we do note a hairline crack in the driver side reverse light lens.
- THIS CAR WILL COME WITH ALL FIVE ORIGINAL BOTTLECAP WHEELS. The current owner had 17” BMW wheels put on so he could run a set of nice new Michelin Pilot Sports, while the TRX-shod bottlecaps were kept in storage. Both the current wheels and bottlecaps are in excellent shape, free of any curb rash or oxidation. TRX tires on original wheels are dry and old, so we opted not to swap them on prior to the sale. Original spare still has the 1984 DOT-numbered tire on it. Current Michelins are close to new.
- Absolutely no bubbling on the body, which is refreshing to see here, as we don't often see such clean 635s. Inside lips of the fenders/quarters are nice and smooth. Spare well is totally mint. This car has clearly always been garaged kept and responsibly owned.
- Weatherstripping is in nice shape throughout. Black rubber is in good condition, not dry or peeling away. Chrome is very nice throughout, with no oxidation or dings.

- Original Pearl Beige leather is in impressive shape. There is one tiny puncture on the driver's inner bolster towards the bottom, but aside from that, wear is limited to just crease lines on the outer bolster. Passenger seat is mint, as are rear seats. Headliner is clean and tight. Original carpet is in good not perfect shape – not discolored, but with some minor thinning/fraying on the driver's side floor. The car will also come with a set of beige rubber floormats. Power windows are all functional, as is the power sunroof.
- R12 air conditioning compressor kicks on but does not blow cold. We have not leak-down tested the system, but can confirm the compressor is functional. AC was last serviced in 2006. Alpine radio is functional and sounds great. Original radio is not included in the sale.
- Dash top has a few cracks on the passenger side. Not warped or discolored, but there are a few cracks to be aware of. See the video for a good look.
- System check to the left of the steering wheel is all functional, German text. Currently no errors/lights there. Info pad to the right of the radio is also functional, showing items like outside temperature. The red dash light above the indicators is illuminated, which comes on incrementally for when the car is due for an inspection or oil change.
- Gauges are all functional, including the odometer, which reads 55,485. Mileage is accurate based on history of long term owners and outstanding original, unrestored condition. Handbrake is functional.

Service Records:
The following is a summary of service history; this list does not include routine oil changes and other minor items. Vehicle has been serviced at Dorman's Vintage Car Garage of LaPorte as well as Classic Imports of New Buffalo throughout the thirteen year current ownership.

May 2006 (36,277 Miles, initial going-over when current owner first purchased): Replace clutch master and hoses. Note – slave looks newer. Check steering components. Replace front sway bar links. Note – most steering and suspension components are new. Check cooling system, replace fan clutch. Charge A/C.
December-February 2006 (39,278 Miles): Replace both brake pressure switches. Replace heater control valve. Replace hydraulic brake booster and all power steering hoses. Install wheels from US-spec 740. Mount and balance tires. Repair auxiliary cooling fan.
June 2007 (40,699 Miles): 65-point inspection. Replace front control arm bushings, replace taillight lens.
September 2007 (41,808 Miles): Remove fuel tank and fuel rail for cleaning and lining, due to suspected fuel contamination. Replace fuel pump, lines, and filter. Replace fuel injectors. Replace cold start valve, thermo switch, idle air valve, O2 sensor, and spark plugs. Tune vehicle once fuel system reassembled. Clean connections at window motor and lubricate window tracks.
October 2008 (44,127 Miles): Replace fuel pump in tank.
November 2010 (46,929 Miles): Replace water pump.
September 2017: Drain and refill transmission oil, pressure test cooling system and clean sensor, install coolant switch. Check idiot lights on dash – oil reminder light remains on due to batteries behind the dash that prevent the reset when they get old. Fix to get the light off would be to solder in new ones. Replace exhaust hangars.
August 2019: Replace brake hydro accumulator and refill power steering pump (runs power brakes unit).

Mechanical / Underbody:
- Please take a look through the underbody photos, as the car is documented in detail. This car looks quite good underneath. Structurally rock solid. Nice and dry. There is rust on the muffler, not all the way through though. Car remains nice and quiet. A couple small markings from being jacked-up, but nothing that we'd consider damage. Suspension is in excellent order. Rubber isn't dry or cracked, steering is tight and direct, and Bilstein shocks provide excellent ride quality.
- The car runs and drives beautifully. Truly an excellent, confidence-inspiring driver. It starts right up first turn, idles cool, steady, and quiet, pulls hard through the gears, shifts smoothly, has good clutch feel, and the sound is outta this world. This M88/3 powerplant is a real masterpiece. There are no shimmies, rattles, or other noises or tendencies of concern. The car tracks straight down the road, brakes straight and effectively, and overall is just an absolute pleasure to drive. As far as GT cars go, there isn't much higher to go than here.
- The M635CSi is timeless in design; the Euro-bumpered 6er is an unbelievably well-proportioned car. They are smooth and spirited to drive, beautifully engineered, built like a bank vault, and blessed with what can only be described as “soul” – unusual for machines of such elegance and refinement. The M635csi combines swiftness and crisp handling with German sturdiness, Italian brio, and boundless cachet. If you are looking for a low-mile Euro M635CSi in impressive survivor-level condition, you've found it.
- Car will be sold with the owners manual, maintenance booklet, and a clean Indiana title. Imported car, titled as a US e30, correct VIN.

With any further questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.