Stock # EV754
Mileage: 96,212
VIN: 4R35K9X163250
403ci V8 L
Red Vinyl

1979 Buick LeSabre Wagon

403ci V8 / Automatic
26 Years Owned
Carmine on Red Vinyl
Runs, Needs Brake Service

VIN: 4R35K9X163250

We purchased this '79 Buick LeSabre Wagon locally, from a gentleman who had owned it since 1993. While maybe it isn't the cleanest classic wagon on the planet, we just think it's a cool, unique driver that's refreshing to see alongside all the plastic-heavy econoboxes of today. This wagon is of an interesting spec, having been ordered with the K-code 403ci V8, the largest available engine option at the time. It's also red on red, which is just such a period-correct, late-70s color scheme. As it sits now this car looks quite good despite some cosmetic flaws. It runs, but is in need of a brake service as it has been sitting for the last few years (plated/registered through November 2017) and the brake pedal goes straight to the floor (handbrake does work).

- Please defer to the photos. Major blemishes are all shown close-up. The most major thing to be aware of is bubbling on body panels. The two most significant areas of bubbling are at the rearmost corner of the driver's quarter glass, and on the roof just above the driver's front door. There are also smaller bubbles along the top of the passenger front door.
- The roof and hood retain original paint, and show some checking of the finish. The rest of the car was resprayed at some point and looks great.
- Glass is all clear and crack-free. Lights and signals are all functional inside and out.
- Polished surfaces are in good shape. There's a little rust blemish on the driver's side of the front bumper, but the rest is in nice condition.
- Wheels show no damage or significant aging. Tires are in excellent shape, though we don't know exactly how old they are. Regardless, no dryness or significant wear.
- Panel fitment excellent throughout. Doors/trunk/hood open and close nice and smooth.

- Again, please defer to the photos. Red vinyl is in impressive shape. No tears or scrapes. Door panels are free of any kicked-open damage but have some minor discoloring and scratches on the plastic parts. Carpet is pretty tired. We've given all the carpet a good scrub and vacuuming, but there was only so much we could do. Dash top has a couple small cracks but isn't warped or discolored at all. Gauges appear to all be functional but with just the handbrake working, we have not driven the car far enough to test if the five digit odometer works. 96k miles on the odometer, do not know if this is actual. Fan works, R12 air conditioning does not. All the interior lights are functional. Headliner is tight.

Mechanical / Underbody:
- Please take a look through the underbody photos, as the car is documented in detail.
- The car starts right up, idles steady, and revs out without and hesitation/stuttering or smoking. The car does have an exhaust leak towards the center, so we can see some exhaust exiting from underneath the car. A bit louder than it should be, but not really loud. We've opted not to dive into this car as a project due to time constraints and other priorities. For somebody who wants to tend to the brakes and have a sweet old cruiser, this is a great car.

With any further questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.

1979 Buick

LeSabre Wagon

Stock # EV754