Stock # EV760
Mileage: 7,870
VIN: 54WA66305M
302ci V8 L
4spd Automatic OD
Bloomfield Green
Ivory Vinyl & Green Nylon

1954 Mercury Monterey

302ci V8 / 4spd Automatic Overdrive
Bloomfield Green Exterior / Ivory & Green Interior
Excellent Driver

VIN: 54WA66305M

Original Spec
Body Code: 10-462-J-13-26
Style: Monterey Four Door Sedan (73C)
Color: Bloomfield Green (10)
Trim: Ivory Vinyl with Dark Green & White Nylon (462)
Build Date: September 13th, 19 (J13)
Engine: 4.2L 256ci V8 (5)

Current Drivetrain Identification
Engine: 302ci V8, 1979-1983, #D90E-6015-E3AZ
Transmission: 4spd Automatic Overdrive, Early 1980s
Rear End: 3.54

- Please see the video along with the listing, as the car is shown in detail. Blemishes are all shown close-up. Imperfections include peeling clear on the trunk lid, light lenses showing their age a bit, as well as a few small paint spots to be aware of.
- While it has of course been repainted, this was originally a green car. Bloomfield Green, paint code 10. Green suits the car very well, and looks great against the two-tone ivory and green interior. Paint is B level. Definitely presentable, but there are some visible dust nibs under the paint on the hood, as well as a couple small cracks. Again, please defer to the video.
- Polished surfaces are in nice shape, not rusted or damaged. Bumpers are very nice, trim pieces like the door handles have a little bit of pitting, and the weatherstripping is in good shape throughout.
- Glass is all clear and crack-free. Panel fitment is spot on and the doors/hood/trunk open and close smoothly and easily.

- Interior is an excellent place to be. Gauges are all functional, and the odometer was reset when the rebuilt 302ci V8 and 4spd AOD transmission were swapped in. Odometer now shows 7,870 miles since then. Sony AM/FM/CD radio has been mounted under the dash and sounds great. R134a air conditioning is functional. Heat and fan are functional. Wipers and signals are functional. Analog clock on the dash is not functional. Green carpet is in great shape throughout. Headliner is clean and tight. Windows all roll up and down smoothly. Door panels are free of any significant damage, but do show a bit of discoloring, visible in the photos and video. The seats, correct and presumed original Ivory/Green vinyl/nylon is free of any punctures, burns, or damage, but also shows some fade/discoloring. Green nylon has faded to a blueish tone. This actually kind of works well, as the green exterior of the car can have a slight blueish hue in certain lighting.

Underbody/Under the Hood:
- Please take a look at the underbody photos, as the car is documented in detail. Underbody is excellent. Bone dry. Absolutely no through rust, nothing more than minor surface on various components. Shocks appear to be close to new. Rubber bushings appear to be in nice shape, not dry and cracked. No evidence of any significant active leaks. Cherry bombs have been added, and the car sounds fantastic. With the 302 in it, this car sounds and feels like a proper hot rod. It has some real get-up, and is a blast to drive. Check out the end of the video for a rev-up clip.
- Car runs and drives extremely well. Truly a very well-sorted car. Fly in and drive home without hesitation. This isn't a concours car, it's a driver. The car fires right up, idles nice and steady, pulls HARD through the gears, shifts smoothly and on-time, tracks straight down the road, and brakes straight and effectively.

With any further requests, questions, or to discuss purchasing, please contact Jake at Chicago Car Club at 773-267-2684 or