Stock # EV766
Mileage: 51,150
VIN: E58J220808
235ci I6 L
Powerglide Automatic
Arctic White / Glen Green Two Tone
Green Cloth & Metallic Imitation Leather

1958 Chevrolet Bel Air Sedan

Original 235ci Straight Six and Powerglide Automatic
Glen Green / Arctic White Two-Tone
Green Cloth & Green Metallic Imitation Leather
30+ Years Owned
51,150 Miles

VIN: E58J220808

Style: 1958 Bel Air 4-Door Sedan (58-1849)
Color: Glen Green / Arctic White (L953D)
Trim: Medium Green Cloth & Metallic Imitation Leather (814)
Engine: 235ci I6, 1BBL, 145hp, Assembled May 14th 1958 at Flint Michigan Assembly Plant (#F514B)
Transmission: Powerglide (#3742349)

We purchased this beautiful '58 Bel Air from an Illinois gentleman who had owned the car since 1986. He took the car to local shows and enjoyed it from when he bought it until the late 2000s, when his use of it tapered off and it primarily served as a garage queen. We've gotten the car back on the road and as it sits now it's a very “correct” example that, while it hasn't seen a tremendous amount of exercise in recent years, does run/drive/stop and could be gradually refreshed to be a sweet, sweet driver without too much effort.

Please see the walkaround video along with the listing, as it provides a close look at the car under direct sunlight. Blemishes include some paint flaking along the forward portion of the passenger rocker, a couple little dings, chips, and scratches scattered throughout, very minor signs of age on polished trim pieces, and older, slightly yellowed whitewall tires. Though repainted at least once, this was originally a Glen Green and Arctic White two-tone car. While an older paint job, it presents nicely and is the correct color scheme. There are bits of overspray in the front door sills, nothing too glaring. No dust nibs, orange peel texture, or anything like that. The two-tone green and white really pops on a sunny day. Suits the car beautifully. Polished surfaces are in nice shape, nothing more than minor pitting or light signs of age. This car has always been garage-kept and it shows. Weatherstripping is excellent throughout. Glass and light lenses are all clear and crack-free, not scratched or tired-looking either. Windows all roll up and down nice and smoothly. Panel fitment is spot on and the doors/hood/trunk open and close smoothly and easily. No slamming, no weird quirks. Hubcaps are free of any wrinkles or significant oxidation. Very nice.

The green metallic imitation leather is such a cool look. We love the interior of this car. Both front and rear seats are in impressive condition. There is some fraying on the driver's seat back, as visible in the photos, but not too much else to note. No punctures or scuffs. There's evidence that burst seams on the seat bottom have been restitched, but no glaring evidence of it having been reupholstered. Very original interior. Gauges are all functional with the exception of the analog clock. Odometer reading of 51,150 is believed to be accurate. There is not a ton of documentation to verify it, but the previous owner (owned since '86) was confident that mileage is correct (he purchased at 40k). Updated Clarion 4100R radio is functional and sounds good. Speakers are not blown out or damaged. Fan/heat/defrost are functional. This car does not have air conditioning. Wipers, lights, and signals are functional. Interior lights are functional. Headliner is nice and tight, albeit a bit dirty, and the sun visors hold their position nicely. Carpet isn't great, there's some significant fraying and discoloring on the passenger front floor corner. The car will also come with a set of floormats, but they are black so they don't match the interior very well.

Underbody/Under the Hood:
Please take a look at the underbody photos, as the car is documented in detail. Underside is in very decent shape, especially considering this has been a Chicago car for the last 40 years. There's a good bit of surface rust but nothing concerning. Structurally very sound. The tail pipe is pretty corroded, and there is a spot where there was a little filler piece welded in at the inner rear corner of the passenger rocker. The car is actually very nice to drive, but there are a couple things to be aware of. The car has recently developed a slight fuel leak at the carburetor, so plan to rebuild the carb when you get it. Tires are 25 years old, so those will need to be done sooner rather than later. There is evidence of a slow drip oil leak that should eventually be tended to – the underside of the engine/trans is damp and a bit gunked-up. The car is slightly smoky due to lack of recent exercise, as seen in the video, but this will get better with use. The car starts right up first turn, idles nice and steady, shifts smoothly and on-time, doesn't clunk going into gear, tracks straight, and brakes straight and effectively. Ride quality is great and, despite the rusty exhaust pipe, the car is nice and quiet. This is a very original, very sharp car in a great colorway.

With any further requests, questions, or to discuss purchasing, please contact Jake at Chicago Car Club at 773-267-2684 or

1958 Chevrolet

Bel Air Sedan

Stock # EV766