Stock # 3446
Mileage: 72,375
VIN: 6Y85Z113446
390ci V8 L
Candy Apple Red
Red Vinyl

1966 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

Owned Since 1972
Receipts Since 1973, Manuals, Literature
2019 Major Service, Ready to Enjoy!
Candy Apple Red, Red Vinyl, Black Top
Consignment Sale

VIN: 6Y85Z113446

Paint: Candy Apple Red (T)
Trim: Red Vinyl (55)
Build Date: October 15th, 1965 (15K)
DSO: Chicago, IL (41)
Engine: 390ci V8 (Z)
Transmission: Cruise-O-Matic (8)
Axle: 3.00 (01)
Body: Convertible (76A)

We're selling this '66 Thunderbird Convertible on behalf of a local gentleman who has owned the car since 1972. The car saw use as a summertime lakefront cruiser throughout the years, the long-time owner keeping it at a beautiful property in Evanston, Illinois. The car was used frequently throughout the 70s and 80s, then in 1993 a new engine was fitted. In the late 90s the owner's use of the car tapered off, and by the early 2000s it was a garage queen. The owner is now moving on from his collection, and in preparation for the sale, has had the Thunderbird ironed-out by a reputable local repair shop, to the tune of well over $3k in late 2019. As it sits now, this is a nicely presented '66 Convertible with a known, well-documented history going back nearly fifty years.

Please see the video along with the listing, as the car is shown in detail. The car wears an older repaint in the correct Candy Apple Red and paint does show its age in a few areas. There is paint flaking along the rockers, as well as light spiderwebbing in the finish on the hood. Paint looks great from ten feet, but upon close inspection does look a little bit tired. Powered black convertible top is in excellent shape, free of any damage, and functions as it should. Glass and light lenses are all clear and crack-free. Body is quite dry considering the lifelong Chicago history, but there are some small bubbles under the paint at the rearmost point of the rocker panels. These bubbles are not bursting or cracking through, but they are visible under the paint. Doors open and close nice and smoothly, and the panel fitment is good. Polished trim is excellent, with only the most minor signs of age. Door handles do show a little bit of pitting, but body trim is all very nice. Front and rear bumper chrome are mint. Firestone whitewall tires are in excellent shape and show no dryness or significant wear, though we aren't positive as to exactly how old they are. Hubcaps are in good shape, a couple minor scuffs, nothing significant.

Please take a good look at the photos and video, as the interior is shown close-up. Driver's seat bottom is shedding foam onto the carpet, the other seats are firm and holding up well. Vinyl has great color to it, but shows its age a bit by way of a dull-looking finish, not shiny and fresh. Red carpeting is excellent throughout, no discoloring or fraying. Gauges are functional with the exception of the fuel gauge. Gauge cluster shows some age, gauge faces look a bit tired. Odometer reading of 72,375 is actual chassis mileage, though the original engine was replaced in 1993 with a remanufactured unit (correct 390ci V8). Radio is functional. Blower motor is functional. Dash lights are functional. Power windows are not currently functional, unfortunately. Air conditioning has been removed and the compressor will come in a box with the car. Powered convertible top is functional. Dash top is free of any cracks or damage. Interior chrome is very nice.

Underbody/Under the Hood:
The car appears to retain all of its original metal, and there is a receipt from the car having been undercoated following a major mechanical overhaul in 1993. No active leaks, nice and dry underneath. The car runs and drives very well. Really the only on-road tendency to be aware of is that the steering wheel isn't entirely straight, meaning that when cruising at speed in a straight line the steering wheel is slightly turned. Ride quality is quite good, and the motor pulls strong. The car shifts smoothly and on-time, idles cool and steady, is nice and quiet (no exhaust leaks), and brakes straight and effectively.

There are a number of service records through the years, and those are summarized as follows:

1974: Replace all valve lifters, grind valves, replace sending unit. Faint, old receipt, hard to make out what else.
1982: Brake rebuild. Overhaul calipers, replace master cylinder. Flush cooling system.
1987: Replace spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor, ignition wiring, points, condenser, water pump, fan clutch, belts and hoses, fuel pump, and rebuild carburetor. Replace headlamp wiring, replace power top relay. Replace exhaust – crossover pipe, mufflers, tail pipe. Replace carpet, door panels, and plastic rear window.
1988: Remove internal transmission linkage, replace selector shaft seals, replace pan gasket.
1989: Rebuild radiator, replace canister and thermostat.
1993 ($3600): Install remanufactured engine with steel sleeves. Replace radiator, engine mounts, belts and hoses, fan clutch, automatic choke, vacuum advance, battery.
2019: Flush fuel system, replace spark plugs, points, condenser, battery, tie rods, filters, and rebuild the brake booster. Brake system was flushed and bled, engine timing was set.

With any further requests, questions, or to discuss purchasing, please contact Jake at Chicago Car Club at 773-267-2684 or

1966 Ford

Thunderbird Convertible

Stock # 3446