Stock # EV753
Mileage: 55,185
VIN: WP0JB0920HS860581
5.0L V8 L
Black Leather

1987 Porsche 928 S4

Only 55,185 Miles From New
Clean Two Owner CarFax/Autocheck
Original Manuals, Recent Service Records
Black on Black


VIN: WP0JB0920HS860581

Paint: Black (700)
Trim: Black Leather (LE)
Options: Catalytic Converter (C02), Blaupunkt Reno (158), Model Designation on Rear (302), Side Protection Moldings (418), Sound System (490), Additional Amplifier (494), Sunroof (650)

Sold new on December 30th, 1986 in Highland Park, Illinois, this 928S4 remained with the original owner until 2002, when he sold it to the Chicago gentleman we bought the car from all these years later. The second owner didn't really do much of anything with the car; he put it into dry storage with the rest of his cars not long after purchasing and all but forgot about it. When he called us up to let us know he was finally looking to liquidate some of his collection, we couldn't believe this was a car he let sit. With only 55k miles and in pretty impressive original condition, and especially being the desirable S4 variant, this is a car we'd have been exercising at every opportunity. Since purchasing the car we've given it a serious detailing, sent it to a well-respected local Porsche specialist for a thorough inspection and subsequent $2600 service, and have now been adding miles every day that the weather cooperates. As it sits now, this is a nice, well-sorted black on black S4 that can be enjoyed as-is and, if desired, slowly refreshed into a truly outstanding example.

Please see the video along with the listing, as the car is covered in detail. Blemishes are all shown close up and under direct sunlight. The overwhelming majority of the car retains its original paint, as confirmed with an elcometer. While black on black maybe isn't the most individualistic color combo, on these sleek, bullet-shaped 928s it just works so well. There are a few scratches at the forward point of the hood, a scratch on the driver's rear quarter, a number of chips scattered about, and a couple small dings – a light one on the driver's door, and another on the passenger's side of the roof. Body is nice and dry, no spots of bubbling or other rust. Manhole cover wheels suit the car nicely, but do show a bit of age. Not scuffed or damaged, but just somewhat faded. Tires are from 2004, so they should be replaced sooner rather than later. Glass is all clear and crack-free, as are light lenses. Lights and signals are all functional. Weatherstripping is in nice shape throughout, rubber isn't dry or cracked. Doors open and close nice and smooth.

Please defer to the photos and video, as the original, unrestored black leather interior is shown in detail. Power sunroof is functional. Power windows are functional. Power seat adjusts are all functional. Gauges are all functional and the odometer reading of 55,185 is accurate based on traceable history, information from the previous long-term owner, and observable wear. No dash warning lights; this car has been gone-through and is ready to be used and enjoyed. Fan and heat are functional, original R12 air conditioning system has not been converted to R134a and while the compressor does kick on, AC does not blow cold. Alpine radio is functional and sounds awesome. Speakers are all in good order. Black leather seats are in impressive condition throughout. Driver's outer bolster has some slight wear, but no punctures or other damage. Condition is consistent with 55k miles of use. Again, please defer to the photos/video. Dash top has a few partial cracks, the one in the center being the most significant. Dash isn't warped or sun-bleached at all, just has those cracks. Black carpeting is excellent throughout, with no fraying or discoloration, and the original floormats are in impressive condition as well. The original floormats are nice and thick, so the carpeting underneath looks like new. We love the interior of these cars, as they allow the driver to fit the car exactly to their liking. The whole gauge cluster moves up and down, not just the steering wheel, and the powered seat adjusts allow for plenty of flexibility. Visibility is excellent in these cars.

Under the Hood / Underbody:
Please take a look through the underbody photos, as the car is shown in detail. Underbody looks quite good. No through rust whatsoever, no damage. Many bolts still have yellow and red dabs of factory paint clearly visible. The car runs and drives really, really well. The S4 is truly a leap forward from the earlier 928s. The car fires right up first turn, idles cool and steady, pulls hard through the gears, shifts smoothly and on-time, and stops straight and effectively. Suspension is in excellent order, very nice and tight, and the ride quality is outstanding even on Chicago's pothole-ridden streets. A GT car at its finest.

A November 2019 service at a Chicago Porsche specialist included the following: An inspection of the timing belt, which was deemed to be in good shape. A smoke test of the intake system, which revealed no leaks. Fuel pressure at pump and engine were measured and showed correct 57 psi. Engine temp sensors, fuel pressure regulators, fuel injectors, and engine grounds were all inspected and found to be in good order. As per recommendation by the shop, the Jetronic ECU unit was also sent out and rebuilt, at a cost of $1200.

With any further questions, requests, or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.