Stock # EV773
Mileage: N/A
4.3L V6 L

1995 GMC Sonoma Pickup

Air Lift Suspension
S10-Style Lowrider Build
4.3L V6 / Automatic
Rear Wheel Drive
Clean 3-Owner Autocheck/CarFax Report

VIN: 1GTCS1946S8507220

We purchased this modified '95 Sonoma Pickup from a gentleman in Michigan who had owned it since 2007. The truck was sold new in Michigan and remained there with the original owner until 2003, when it sold to Missouri and was subsequently built into the S10 hot-rod it appears as today. In 2007, the truck sold again and relocated back to Michigan.
The Exterior:
Body is laser-straight, with no dents or dings. Orange paint presents very well, and really pops in sunlight. Custom bodywork is pretty impressive. Doors are frenched, no handles, and are operated by a button on the key fob or a pull tab inside the driver front fender. The vertical, classic-Cadillac-like taillights have been integrated into the body. A very clean, slick look with uninterrupted lines. Cosmetic blemishes include a little bit of paint flaking along the passenger lower lip of the front valence (not surprising considering the ride height), a couple light scratches on top of the bed cover (very well may buff out), a couple very minor touched-up chips, as well as some oxidation on the slim polished portion of the front bumper. Minor stuff – exterior is very nice. Truck bed has been Rhino-lined and is free of any glaring faults. Air Lift compressors are mounted in the trunk, and right height is adjustable via two switches on the center console. Fully lifted is more than enough to clear speedbumps and angled driveways, and aired out the truck will fully lay on the ground. Wheels are chrome 19” Azuka Road Concepts and are free of any damage. Tires are Toyo Proxes and while they're in nice shape, it should be noted that they are ten years old.

The Interior:
Custom interior looks nice but could use some buttoning-up. There is no carpeting in the door sills, some peeling on the door panels, and some of the under-dash wiring could have been more tidy. Switch panel mounted under the dash has three switches: wipers, air ride compressor, and a cooling fan. Gauges are functional with the exception of the fuel gauge, which always reads as full. PSI gauges for the bags are functional as well. Odometer reads 47,535 miles and is presumed not accurate (Autocheck report indicates 91k miles in 2003). Lights are functional, and glass and light lenses are all clear and crack-free. Audiovox Rampage radio is functional, and the truck is equipped with MTX Thunder 202 amps. Windows are roll-ups. Grey seats are super comfortable but do show their age a bit. Small jump seat in the rear, though that area is better used for sound equipment than passengers. Headliner is nice and tight.

Under the Hood / Under the Car:
Please take a look at the underbody photos, as the truck is documented in detail. Underbody is dry, with no through corrosion or anything close to it. The rear (under bed) portion of the frame has been welded and the filler neck relocated in order to achieve a lower ride height. A new, fabricated fuel tank has been installed, and is now filled through a neck in the bed. The car runs, drives, and stops quite well. Get in, flip the compressor switch and give it a minute to build pressure, lift up off the ground, and off you go. The truck idles cool and steady, pulls hard, brakes straight and effectively, and has no active exhaust or fluid leaks.

For additional information or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.