Stock # 8341
Mileage: N/A
VIN: 2H37R3P318341
6.6L 400ci V8 L
TH400 Automatic
Regatta Blue
Black Vinyl

1973 Pontiac Grand Am

Extremely Original & Unrestored
Long-Term Montana Ownership
6.6L 400ci V8 / TH400 Automatic

VIN: 2H37R3P318341
2: Pontiac
H: Grand Am
37: 2dr Hardtop
R: 6.6L 400ci V8, 2BBL
3: 1973 Model Year
P: Pontiac, Michigan Assembly Plant
318341: Production Number

Paint: Regatta Blue (26)
Trim: Black Vinyl (516)
Build Date: April, First Week (04A)
Accessories: Reclining Bucket Seats (AT9)

We purchased this '73 Grand Am from a gentleman in Montana. While the car does show its age in a number of areas, the charm of this car isn't in the cosmetic condition, it's in the “survivor car” nature of it. Super, super original car. This car has never seen rust repair; we put an elcometer on every panel and saw no evidence of any filler/bondo. Paint meter readings range from 3.9-7.0 all over the car, indicating one partial respray. Regatta Blue color suits the car so well. We love buying cars out of Montana and the Dakotas, as more often then not, they're just bone-dry, honest cars. This car is no exception. The underbody is cleaner than the actual body, panel fitment is spot on, doors open and close nice and smooth, and there is no evidence of any prior metal work or modifications from stock. The car hasn't seen much exercise in the last ten years, so it should be gone-through prior to being fully enjoyed. Currently it does run, drive, and stop, but it does not accelerate without stuttering, and the tires are well past their prime. The throttle requires some feathering of the foot in order to get up to speed. Everything is well at idle, it'll stay cool and run great, but it'll need a bit of attention before becoming a routine driver.

Please see the video along with the listing, as the car is shown in detail. Blemishes are all shown close-up. Bubbling in the lower corners behind all four wheels. Cracked filler/nose panel. Numerous chips. Light scratches all over trunk lid, looks like a box was stored on top of it. Big crack in the windshield. Dry tires. Missing lens on passenger side mirror.

Regatta Blue is the correct original color, and this car has seen one partial, quality respray. In the photo of the rear badging (one of the first photos in the listing), you can get a good look at the slight metallic flake in the paint. Polished surfaces are all in great shape – bumpers, window trim. Wheel centers show a slight bit of oxidation, trim rings are mint. Radial GT tires are due for replacing, with one of the rears showing some dry cracking.

Again, please defer to the photos and video. Interior is totally stock and unmodified. Front seats have some burst seams, the driver's seat in particular, and retain their original black vinyl. Rears are in great shape. Headliner is clean and tight. Dash has a couple cracks, one just forward of the steering wheel. The wheel survived in great shape under a cover, feels very nice. Door panels are in beautiful condition. Carpet appears to be original – well worn and warrants replacing. Fan and heat are functional. This car does not have air conditioning. AM/FM/Tape radio is functional. Lights and signals are all functional. Wipers are good. This car does have cruise control but we have not had the opportunity to test it. Console is in excellent shape. Gauges are all functional with the exception of the analog clock. Odometer is functional and currently reads 38,558 miles. While it wouldn't surprise us if this was a low mile car that was stored for extended periods, we do not have the paper trail to verify actual mileage.

Underbody/Under the Hood:
Please take a look at the underbody photos, as the car is documented in detail. Really impressive shape for an unrestored Pontiac of the 70s. No through rust, nothing more than minor surface on various exhaust and suspension components. No damage or exhaust leaks either. Some dampness from some minor oil seepage, nothing else of note. The car starts right up and runs great at idle, stays cool, shifts smoothly, brakes straight and effectively, but struggles to pull its own weight without some hesitation. Hasn't seen much use in recent years, so should be looked over before embarking on any long hauls. Regardless, this is a super-rare, unmodified Grand Am and is very much worth bringing back to its former glory.

With any further requests, questions, or to discuss purchasing, please contact Jake at Chicago Car Club at 773-267-2684 or