Stock # 0248C
Mileage: N/A
VIN: TS50248L
1991cc I4 L
4spd OD
Black Vinyl

1959 Triumph TR3a

Excellent, Super Clean Example
Restoration Completed in 2018
Original Engine, 4spd Overdrive Transmission
Consignment Sale

VIN: TS50248L
Engine: TS50416E

We're selling this gorgeous '59 TR3A on behalf of a local woman, the car having belonged to her late husband. He purchased the car in 2019, just one year after a thorough restoration of the car was completed, but unfortunately did not get the opportunity to enjoy his money's worth out of the car. Please take a look through the photos and video, as the car is shown in detail. This is truly a very, very nice example. Absolutely show-ready; this car has been restored to a high level and is ready to exercise straightaway. We've put a handful of miles on it, and man does it feel good.

Very little to knock on this car as far as cosmetics….it's tremendously clean and has clearly been well taken care of since being refinished just a couple years ago. One thing that's a bit annoying is that the driver's door handle doesn't cooperate; the handle can get stuck in the vertical position, and when that happens the door is stuck shut. Luckily there isn't much of a door to climb over when need be. Chrome is fantastic – no oxidation or damage whatsoever, nice and mirror-like. Trim pieces and weatherstripping is also excellent, showing little to no wear throughout. Paint is extremely nice and glassy – no unevenness or discoloring, dust nibs, orange peel, or run. There are a handful of small chips that have been touched-up, nothing really significant. Body is nice and straight, with just one tiny ding on the car (located on passenger rear, just above the inner driving light). This car will come with a convertible top, tonneau cover, boot cover, and side curtains. All are in nice shape, and the convertible top has had a large tear sewed/repaired (see photo). Polished wire wheels are free of any pitting or oxidation, and the DOT number indicates the tires are close to new, having been manufactured in 2018.

Again, please defer to the photos and video. Seats are in excellent shape with the exception of a small tear on the lower inner seatback, which you will see covered with a piece of black tape in the photos. Black with white piping looks really sharp against the bright white exterior. Carpet is in nice shape, not frayed/worn/discolored. Wooden dash face is free of any hairline cracking, gauges are nice and clear. Gauges are all functional, and the odometer reads 8,745 miles. While the odometer does work, we are unsure if that mileage indicates total since restoration or what. New Moto-Lita steering wheel looks great, and the original steering wheel will come along with the car as well.

Underbody/Under the Hood:
Please take a look at the underbody photos, as the car is documented in detail. Beautiful condition. Clean, dry, no rust whatsoever. With the car here in our showroom we did observe some oil dripping from it….took a look and it appears that gearbox oil is leaking from the transfer case. Regardless, the car runs and drives extremely well. It fires right up first turn, idles nice and steady, pulls through the gears without any hesitation or stuttering, stays cool, shifts smoothly, has great clutch feel, and brakes straight and effectively. No shakes or odd noises, car really is a pleasure to drive. Buy with confidence.

With any further requests, questions, or to discuss purchasing, please contact Jake at Chicago Car Club at 773-267-2684 or