Stock # 1784
Mileage: N/A
VIN: 185561784
400ci V8 L
TH350 Automatic
Silver & Blue Two-Tone
Dark Blue Vinyl & Velour

1940 Ford Deluxe 2dr Sedan

400ci GM V8 / TH350 Automatic
Front Disc Brakes, Power Steering, Power Windows

We purchased this beautiful '40 Ford 2dr from a gentleman in Virginia whose father had owned the car since 2004. The car was his retirement project, and he went so far as to swap a 1970s 400ci V8 and TH350 automatic into it, customize the interior, convert to 12V, and mount refinished wheels and new tires. However, after a few years of local shows and only about 70 road miles, he fell into poor health and the car was relegated to a garage queen role. As it sits now, this is a sweet “restomod” Ford that while it does run, drive, stop, stay cool, etc, should be given a once-over before being counted on as a routine driver due to more than a few years of inactivity.

The Exterior:
Please take a good look through the photos and give the video a watch, as the car is shown in detail. Two tone blue/silver is a sharp look, but the car is a bit of a “ten-footer”. While we did detail the car, we were unable to get those faint water stains out of the blue portion. There are a couple small spots of bubbling and visible bondo/filler – see passenger rear corner to the right of the license plate, as well as around the lower forward door hinge on the passenger's side. Regardless, paint presents well overall, with no really significant spots of paint run, dust nibs, etc. Doors open and close nice and smooth, and the hood has been modified clam shell style, with pins and straps mating the fenders/hood to the rest of the body. Glass and light lenses all look good with the exception of the driver's window, which has a crack right down the middle. Weatherstripping is pretty tired, trim pieces show just the slightest bit of oxidation. Polished wheels are excellent, tires look like new but the DOT number indicates they were manufactured in 2005.

The Interior:
Power windows up front are functional, roll ups in the rear go up and down smoothly. Lights and signals are functional. Radio is functional. Gauges and aftermarket tach are all functional. Gauge backlights work as well. Fan is functional. A starter button has been installed to the left of the steering wheel. Analog clock on the glovebox does not work. Dark blue vinyl seats with velour centers are in good shape, minor bits of wear on the seatbacks and outer bolsters in the front, no wear of note in the rear. Again, please defer to the photos and video for a good look. Door panels are in nice shape front and rear. Headliner is a bit loose at the very back, good otherwise. Sun visors hold their position. The carpet under the rear split window is really tired and should be replaced. Carpeting is good not great, minor fade, and the car will come with a set of four black floormats as well.

Under the Hood / Under the Car:
Underbody photos are included in the listing. Car is in really nice shape underneath, very dry and solid. No through rust to note. Engine casting number of 3951511 denotes a General Motors 400ci V8 from the model years 1970-1972. The car's serial number (185561784) tells us that it was originally sold with a Ford 221ci V8, and was produced smack dab in the middle of 1940 production. There are a couple things to be aware from from a mechanical standpoint with this car….there is a transmission fluid leak, and it leaks down to the extent that movement between park/reverse/neutral/drive can take a second to engage. The car does run/drive/stop just fine running city block to city block, but we have not exercised it enough to encourage a “fly in, drive home” mentality. Fuel tank seems to be in good order – fuel filter has remained clear through our handful of neighborhood laps.

For additional information or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.

1940 Ford

Deluxe 2dr Sedan

Stock # 1784