Stock # 2508
Mileage: N/A
VIN: B395002508LRX
1725cc Rootes I4 L
4spd Manual
Black Vinyl

1966 Sunbeam Alpine Series V

1725cc Inline-4 / 4spd Manual
Series 5 “LRX” Model, LHD Export

Chassis #: B395002508LRX
Engine #: B395016113LRX
Body #: SAL602067

We purchased this '66 Series 5 Alpine from a gentleman in Kentucky who, when he purchased the car, had been actively on the hunt for a Triumph TR6. He met a fellow British car enthusiast at a local show, and before long he had been talked out of a TR6 and into purchasing this Alpine out of his new friend's collection. He enjoyed the car for a couple of years before eventually transitioning his focus to his late father's collection and deciding to move on from the Sunbeam. As it sits now, this is a very lively, fun, driver-quality example of a cool car that we rarely come across.

Please give the photos and videos a good look, as the car is shown in detail. Red does appear to be the original color, and paint is B- quality. No paint run or orange peel, but the paint does show some dust nibs scattered about, and we'd have to assume it's a thirty year old paint job. Black convertible top is in nice shape, a couple little nicks but nothing of note, and the rear plastic window is clear, not yellowed or creased. Top buckles up properly and fits just right, same to be said about the boot cover. Glass and light lenses are all clear and crack-free, though the windshield does have a wiper streak on the driver's side. Weatherstripping around the windshield is good, but the rubber lining the window sills is old and should be replaced. Polished surfaces are in very nice shape, though there is some minor pitting on the door handles and front grille badge. Front bumper shows a little wrinkling on the passenger side, rear is better, just some light scratches. Knockoff wire wheels show minor road wear, nothing glaring. Firestone FR380 tires look good and are free of dry rot or significant wear, but we aren't positive as to their age.

Original charm. Though the seats look like the seams have been re-stitched, the original vinyl appears to have been retained. Carpet is much of the same – shows its age but does look to still be original. Doors open and close nice and smooth, and the windows roll up and down as they should. As you can see in the photos, there is a crack in the plastic steering wheel centercap as well as in the Rootes Group dash centerpiece, and the underside of the dash pad is peeling off just above the speedometer. Steering wheel is faded and tired-looking but has great feel. Signal stalk is of course incorrect, but it does work. Gauges are all functional, and five digit odometer reads 07598. True, actual mileage is unknown. Lights are good, fan is good, wipers are not, and a fuel pump switch has been added to the dash. This car does not have a radio.

Underbody/Under the Hood:
Please take a look at the underbody photos, as the car is documented in detail. There is some rear subframe corrosion, as well as at the corner of the battery tray. The engine is more than likely original to the car, as they were off-the-shelf and the engine number is relatively close to the chassis number. Transmission is a 4spd non-OD, 4.22:1 rear. This car runs off a JAZ fuel cell that has been installed in the trunk. There are a couple quirks to be aware of with this car, and with these addressed, this will truly be one hell of a driver. The car absolutely does fire right up, pull hard and smoothly through the gears, up and downshift beautifully, track straight, brake straight and effectively, and sound great just as it is, but the carburetor/throttle linkage could use some attention, as the return is pretty poor. You'll find yourself tapping the throttle in order to get the idle to drop back down to a reasonable level. The idle has a tendency to waiver, sometimes briefly hanging at a healthy-sounding 1100rpm or so, but then often racing up to as high as 1900rpm. We did have a good independent mechanic set the timing and replace the distributor/plugs/points/condenser in order to ensure that the car will confidently run and drive, but he has advised also having the dual Stromberg carburetors gone-through in order to really get the car dialed-in. It wont take much, but our mechanical capacity is limited at this very moment, so we'll leave it to the next guy to put the cherry on top.

With any further requests, questions, or to discuss purchasing, please contact Jake at Chicago Car Club at 773-267-2684 or

1966 Sunbeam

Alpine Series V

Stock # 2508