Stock # 4291
Mileage: N/A
VIN: A3444291
3.3L 201 I4 L
3spd Manual
Beige Cloth

1930 Ford Model A

VIN: A3444291 (May 1930)
Engine: A3432231 (May 1930)

We purchased this Model A out of Iowa, where it had been with the same owner for the last ten years. This is not one of those prewar cars that's just been pulled from many decades of storage and listed for sale; this is a relatively routine driver that arrived at our facility with an up-to-date registration/sticker. While not a 100-point show car, it can be purchased, used, and enjoyed straightaway.

The Exterior:
Please take a good look through the photos, as the car is shown in detail. Paint is your typical B-quality early American, shows some slight orange peel and has its fair share of chips as well as some light scratches on the fenders. All four windows roll up and down as they should, but the driver's window has a number of cracks. Top is in excellent shape, with no noteworthy scuffs or punctures. Polished pieces look great, no oxidation or pitting. We do not know the age of the tires but they don't show any dry cracking or significant wear.

The Interior:
Interior is excellent. The thick beige cloth looks great against the red and black exterior. Upholstery presents in close-to-new condition. Seats show no punctures or scrapes, carpeting is very nice, not discolored or frayed. Headliner is clean and tight. Steering wheel, presumably original, shows some age by way of chipping. Speedometer is good, and we do not know actual chassis mileage. Odometer reads 673 miles. Lights are functional.

Under the Hood/Underbody:
Please take a look through the underbody photos. Underbody is excellent. Nice clean, black metal. No through rust, nothing of concern whatsoever. Clearly responsibly kept. Engine is a correct 201ci 3.3L L-head Inline-4 that decodes to a manufacture date of May 1930, engine number A3432231. These cars were actually titled using their engine number back in the 30s, and the title VIN shows as A3444291. That number also falls under May 1930 production, so while this car does not have the original engine in it, it is a correct engine also produced during the same month as the car. The car does have a VIN tag on it that matches the VIN on the title, for the sake of ease of registration. This car runs, drives, and stops quite well. We've done a handful of neighborhood laps and it's a riot. We have observed the car dripping some oil on the showroom floor after running, but no other tendencies of concern have come to light.

For additional information or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.