Stock # 1719
Mileage: N/A
VIN: 1812321719
1600cc Flat 4 L
4spd Manual
Rustic Green
Tan Vinyl

1974 Volkswagen Thing Type 181

1600cc Flat-Four / 4spd Manual
Green on Tan
Tan Soft Top, Side Curtains


VIN: 1812321719
Engine: AM019303 (Correct, US-Market '74 Thing)

We purchased this fantastic '74 Thing out of Cape Cod, where it had been for the last five years. Prior to that, the car resided in North Carolina. As it sits now this is a nicely-sorted, clean, and complete Thing that is ready to be used and enjoyed straightaway. We've had a blast with this car, taking it out every day that the weather permits. While we prefer the top down, windshield down, sunny-day driving experience, this car will come complete with side curtains (drop-in windows) and carrying bag, an excellent tan soft top, and even a tow bar for hauling it behind a truck/RV.

The Exterior:
Please take a look through the photos and video, as the car is covered in detail. The roll cage is bolted in, so it can be removed if desired. Painted Rustic Green (a Toyota color, we have the mix details) in 2002, there are still some areas of the interior where you can find the original orange peeking through. Exterior flaws include some paint cracking on the driver's front fender and at the upper corner of the engine lid, as well as oxidation along the underside of the hood lip. There are a few spots of bubbling to be aware of: where the engine lid meets the rear panel on the driver's side, along the bottom edge of the passenger's front door, and at the bottom passenger corner of the windshield. Overall, really sharp for a Thing. These cars are so often left outside, rattle-canned, and tattered that it's refreshing to see one that is well-kept and shiny. Panel fitment is spot-on, doors open and close nice and smooth. The passenger front hubcap has a scuff, the rest look good. Tires are in good shape, but being roughly ten years old they're due for replacement sooner rather than later.

The Interior:
Interior looks good, pretty bare-bones of course. Gauges are all functional with the exception of odometer, lights and signals are functional, wipers are functional, radio is not currently functional. Odometer reads 39,120 and the engine decodes as correct original, but we cannot verify actual, correct mileage. Tan vinyl seats are in good order, comfortable, not blown out or overused. Rear seats fold down to open up a pretty substantial cargo-carrying area. Floors are good and have been treated with 3M undercoating from the top as opposed to paint, so rustproofed. This car will come with the correct VW perforated rubber floor mats as well. As mentioned earlier, the roll cage is bolted in and can be removed, and there are seatbelts both up front and in the rear.

Under the Hood/Underbody:
Please take a look through the underbody photos. Underbody looks pretty good. There's a fair bit of surface corrosion, most significantly on the passenger rear floor corner, but luckily rust is not through or of immediate concern. Metal appears to all be original, which is nice to see. The car does seep a bit of oil when it sits. The highlight of this car is how it feels on the road. It fires right up first turn, idles nice and steady, pulls hard through the rev range, shifts smoothly, has good clutch feel, tracks straight down the road, and brakes straight and effectively. Suspension is very forgiving, good on rough surfaces with no rattles or other noises or tendencies of concern. Buy with confidence, this Thing is one of the good ones.

For additional information or to discuss purchasing, please reach out to Jake at 773-267-2684.