Stock # 2522
Mileage: 71,050
VIN: 6D69S99112522
7.0L 425ci V8 L
Sterling Blue Metallic
Light Blue Leather

1979 Cadillac Sedan DeVille

Only 71,050 Miles
All Original Paint & Interior
Adjustable Air Ride Suspension
7.0L 425ci V8 / Hydramatic

VIN: 6D69S99112522
Paint: Sterling Blue Metallic (22)
Trim: Antique Light Blue Leather (243)
Build Date: Third Week of September (09C)
Assembly Plant: Detroit, Michigan

We purchased this beautiful '79 Sedan DeVille out of North Dakota earlier this year. What is so cool about this car is that while it does have air ride suspension and polished wheels added, the rest of the car remains unchanged. This car retains its original Sterling Blue Metallic paint, as confirmed with a paint gauge, and was optioned with the largest available engine at the time, a carbureted 7.0L 425ci V8. Please take a look through the photos and video, as the car is covered in detail. This is an extremely dry, straight car that presents very well and only shows minor signs of age or wear.

Sterling Blue Metallic is a great color on these cars, and contrasts well with the light blue leather. Paint condition is pretty impressive, especially considering that no panels have ever been resprayed. Cosmetic blemishes are limited to the following: there are some touched-up chips on the passenger rear quarter flare lip, a verrrry light ding on the lower passenger rear door, a couple hairline cracks in the corners of the rear plastic filler panels, and a bit of oxidation on the base of the antenna. All things considered, a very nice survivor. This car has been kept in the bone-dry state of North Dakota and it shows. There is no bubbling in the lower corners of the body panels or along the rockers, very tidy. Panel fitment is spot on and doors open and close nice and smooth. Polished trim pieces are all shiny and mirror-like with the exception of the aforementioned antenna base. Bumpers looks excellent, rubber is still black and shiny, not grey and tired. Glass and light lenses are all clear and crack-free, and the windows have a slight tint applied. Vinyl top shows minimal signs of age—no discoloring, fraying, scuffs, peeling, etc. This car will come with a block heater as well, and the outlet plug can be seen protruding from the grille.

Again, please defer to the photos and video. Leather shows light general wear—no punctures or scrapes, just the typical creasing that comes with age. Seats are still very cushy, not blown out or overused. Massively comfortable. Dash top is in excellent shape, no cracks, warping, or marks from any adhesives. Carpeting is original and somewhat tired….a bit dirty/discolored, but not frayed or pilling. Still plush. Floormats are much of the same, still original and intact, but the color has faded a bit. Radio is functional, fan/heat/defrost is functional, air conditioning compressor does kick on (R12) but does not blow cold. Lights and signals are all functional (including the fender-mounted indicators), wipers and wiper sprayers are functional. The headliner is clean and tight, but is buttoned-up in place rather than actually professionally stuck up there like as would be factory. The EZ Ride air ride setup is controlled by two switches mounted below the climate control, one switch for the front and one for the rear. There is an air pump in the trunk that kicks on when needed, and allows the driver to control ride height. Ride height is very well adjustable, with the highest setting being slightly higher than factory would be, and the lowest being full-on laid out on the pavement.

Underbody/Under the Hood:
Please take a look at the underbody photos, as the car is documented in detail. Very, very clean and dry. No through rust whatsoever, and no evidence of any prior metal work or damage. Minor bits of surface rust on exhaust components, definitely nothing noteworthy.

This car runs and drives very well. The car fires right up first turn, idles cool and steady, pulls through the gears with no hesitation or stuttering, shifts smoothly and on-time, brakes straight and effectively, and tracks straight down the road. The ride quality is actually quite good despite the aftermarket suspension. Still feels like a Cadillac! No noises or tendencies of concern, no active leaks. Nice car. Car will be sold with the original owners manual and accompanying booklets.

With any further requests, questions, or to discuss purchasing, please contact Jake at Chicago Car Club at 773-267-2684 or

1979 Cadillac

Sedan DeVille

Stock # 2522