Stock # EV216
Mileage: 16,771
Safety Red

16,771 Original Miles
Super Clean and Original Car
Updated Air Assist Gullwing Doors
Rare Refurbished Magnesium Wheels
NOS Tires
Malcolm Bricklin, a man of vision, had the original idea for safety vehicle one, which would later became known as the SV-1. Doomed almost from the beginning, the idea behind the car was brilliant, but the finished product was not executed well. In 1972 Herb Grasse, whom assisted George Barris in making the original Batmobile, built styling models to interest banks and other potential investors in the gull-wing safety sports car. The pitch was that the SV-1 would revolutionize the now hurting sports car world by featuring an integrated roll cage, 5 mph bumpers, side impact beams, and fiberglass body bonded with acrylic, and Powered gull-wing doors, that opened and closed at the touch of a button, as standard equipment. Bricklin's inexperience and funding problems, in addition to the factory producing vehicles fast enough to make a profit ultimately led to the SV-1's demise. Powered gull-wing doors, that opened and closed at the touch of a button, as standard equipment. Malcolm wanted his sports car to have power, so it featured a 351 Windsor V8 from Ford backed by a C4, “Cruise-O-Matic” automatic transmission. The front suspension used A-arms and coil springs, while the rear used leaf springs with a live axle
We personally purchased this vehicle from the prior owners family. It had been sitting in storage in the owners garage for the past 15 years. It was uncovered in fantastic condition and it fired right up on the first few cranks after we shot some fuel into the carburetor
Having just been through a mild restoration our car features a host of new or rebuilt parts with keeping originality in mind. This car is in its original SAFETY RED color and only shows one repair spot on the right rear ¼ panel. The color match is good and the repair looks professionally done. These cars are starting to become collectible thanks to a great story, rarity, and TV coverage. Best rest assured, there was no “monkey spit shine” here! The entire interior was removed and properly cleaned and treated retaining the original materials on the seats, dash, and console. The original leathers for the seats are nearly impossible to find and ours happen to be original and in excellent condition. The carpets were redone and look excellent. We had the door panels redone as they were warped, liked most, and pulling off the door. The Gullwing doors were completely rebuilt and converted from hydraulic to pneumatic for ease of use and reliability. We replaced the drivers window regulator with an OEM replacement as it was difficult to move. Simply press the button and watch the door raise open and lower back shut once you nestle into the 'sporty' interior. The Bricklins came with an AMC 360 V8 or the Ford Windsor 351 V8. Ours features the Ford 351 and it is in excellent running condition. We serviced the mechanicals, including an oil service, replacing of master cylinder for the braking system, and a carburetor overhaul. We were not happy with the corrosion inside the original fuel cell so we opted to replace it to avoid running issues. This car appears to have all original mileage and even has the original set of spark plug wires still in use. We tried to make this a nice driver while leaving as much of its patina as possible. The car shows very nice and is complete. We have the original owners manual and will supply all documentation with the vehicle
These cars are quickly becoming a collectors items with less than 1200 thought to still be in existence
Get in at the ground floor with our Bricklin and finish it to show standards or leave it as a #2 car and enjoy it, either way it's a great piece of automotive history that can be yours. Please let us know if you have any questions or offers, before its too late