Stock # EV9135
Mileage: 17,795
VIN: F10J7K19135
223ci I6 L
3spd Manual Column
Two Tone

1957 Ford F100 Styleside Short Bed Pickup Truck


F10- 2 Wheel Drive - F100
J- 223 C.I. - 126hp 6 Cylinder
7- 1957 Model Year
K- Kansas City Assembly Plant
19135- Consecutive Unit Number

Texas Owned

Styleside- Short Bed

3 Speed Manual Column Shift - 3-on-the-tree!


New Wheels and Tires and Baby Moons

Solid Body - Cab and Box

New Interior

New Wheels and Tires

New Fuel Tank

Street Ready


You are looking at our 1957 Ford F100. This truck spent most of its life in Texas, as you can see from the 1978 Window Decal (Still intact!). The truck was fully restored within the last 10 years and as you can see it is a very nice solid and dry example. Power is delivered from the 126HP 223c.i. 6 cylinder through the 3 speed manual column shift and 2wd driveline. The truck has brand new Pace wheels and Corsa tires. This is a great driver and an absolute head turner. Please view our video and all pictures for the most detail.


This F100 was restored sometime in the last 10 years. We see that the cab corners were repaired with new metal and the work looks top of the line. We can only notice the repair from the inside of the corner whis is exactly how you want it done. The body is nice and straight and true throughout. Panel fitment is factory correct and we do not see any significant incident repair areas. There is some single stage paint cracking in tight corners which is par for the course. We note some light oxidation around paint blemishes which, again, is consistent with single stage paint jobs. The truck is two-tone Maroon and Ivory White and the paintwork was done properly and looks very nice. We have not buffed the truck and felt it was best to show it in exactly its current state. The bed could benefit from a line sprayed down since it is body color and a white truck bed can be a lot of work to keep clean. All trim and hardware are present and show some normal patina as one would expect from era correct parts. All lights and signals work properly. Please view pics and video for our close ups of any blemishes.


The Interior was completely redone the same time the truck was restored. New carpets, headliner, seat trim/material and dash painting. As you might expect, it is in very nice condition from the gauges to the door handles and visors, etc…The Odometer recently stopped working as we were driving it to a Cars and Coffee event and can be repaired with a simple cable replacement. It was working for the first 50 miles we put on the truck. We also note that wipers need adjusting. The seats are recovered and re-packed and look and feel great on the rear end. Glass is nice and clear throughout. There is a newer style radio installed that is currently inop (possibly fuse or cannot find switch)

Underhood/ Underbody:

The 223c.i. 125hp straight 6 benefits from an upgraded 12 volt charging system. It starts easily when cold and take a nice idle when warmed up. The simple 1v carburetor has been serviced and it has a fully functional choke which helps with warmups. We note new fuel system components, including but not limited to the new fuel cell and sending unit, fuel pump, filter etc..All hoses are soft and supple and wiring is nice short of one cracked spark plug boot. The truck looks largely original under the hood and is extra clean and tidy and complete. The braking system looks to be new at restoration and is consistent from master cylinders through to the drums. The truck doesn't have any leaks worth noting that would affect drivability or safety. The underside of the truck was properly tended to and shows excellent body mounts and positions and good bushings. As noted before, we see the rear cab metal repairs and they look extremely well done. The frame is nice and very solid from tip to tail. This truck is consistent with a southern lifestyle and we like what we see.

On the Road:

The truck fires up easily when cold with the assistance of the pull choke. Once warmed up it takes a very nice idle. The clutch feels new and engages/disengages properly. Shifting on the column is accurate and smooth. The truck accelerates as strongly as you would expect a straight 6 to. Infact, it feels like more power than we thought it would. Braking is nice and straight and makes it abundantly clear that it is a newer braking system from front to back. All lights and signals work properly on the road.

We strongly encourage you to view all pictures closely and most certainly view our video for our most in depth analysis. And as always, please feel free to call or text anytime on our cell phone 312-420-3696.