Stock # EV4198
Mileage: 7,337
VIN: a1101101034198
4spd Manual

1963 Mercedes 190d Fintail - 7,000 Mile SURVIVOR!

This is a true 7,337 Mile car. We purchased this car from the original owner's (deceased) daughter. It is a one owner car that was used only as a church driver until the original owner became ill. The car has since been started and moved monthly for the last number of years. It was stored in climate a climate controlled garage. The condition is hard to properly describe and needs to be seen in person to truly be appreciated. It has blemishes as noted in the pics,description and video. We have owned and handled many older german cars over the years. This is far and away the most original low mile example we have seen. We dont have service records or much in the way of supporting documentation but this car truly speaks for itself.



All original paint and panels from front to back. All glass is original and marked as such. Original trim, rubbers and hardware. It has normal garage dings and scratches from its life parked inside. The car sat near a intermittent roof drip and as you can see it cause some corroding on the rear bumper and at the corner where the trunk meets the quarter panel and rear filler (detailed in pics and video). We decided to leave it alone and sell this car exactly as we found it. As you can see our paint gauge indicates there is no body filler on any panel. All minor spots of rust appear superficial. The car is straight as an arrow from front to back. We did a light buff on the car in attempt to show just how original the car is. The doors click crisply when closed and the door checks all feel like new. Again, words cannot do this car justice.


This is as original and pristine of an MB interior as we have ever seen. Dash wood is flawless, mohair in box is perfect, seats are still packed and free of sag. All rubber mats are supple and original. Switches are perfect and all operate like new. Air bias and blend doors move like new. Headliner is taught and original. Dash pad is flawless as are the gauge lenses and trim rings. All door hardware is like new, including door panels and sill plates. Steering wheel is indicative of 7k miles just like everythign inside this car. Glass is all clear and original. The radio powers up finds 1 station. We note an aftermarket motorola unit in the trunk with 1 speaker. We opted to leave it in place along with the undermount dash compass. The iginition switch is like new as is the pull start switch. You will not find a more original and nicer interior....atleast we have yet to see one. The trunk is flawless and complete with original decals, spare and beauty ring, complete original M/B toolkit and jack. The trunk mat is also original and incredibly nice still.


Again, originality throughout. The only mechanical items that were recently done was a slave cylinder for the clutch (which has a slow leak), shift lever bushings, rear wheel cylinders (OEM). We believe everything else under the hood is original. Hose clamps, formed lines, wiring, etc all appear original and function properly. The firewall pad is original and fully intact as you can see (one of the rarest things to find on these cars. The engine fires and idles beautifully. It doesnt smoke any more than a 7k mile '63 diesel should. It keeps a nice low idle and doesnt hesistate on acceleration. The radiator ciculates nicely and it keeps healthy temperature despite these hot summer days. The car shifts through the 4 speed gears perfectly. It could benefit from a brake adjustment but it does stop with a little extra brake pedal force. The shifter bushings are nown to fall apart over time. We replaced most of them. The only one we didnt replace is as the bottom of the steering column throught the firewall. Because of that, it requires some extra pull force to get it into reverse. An easy fix that we eleceted to leave for the buyer. We also reccomend replacing the tires, despite these looking very ncie.


The pictures and video should show clearly just how nice this car is. The underside is further support of mileage. Note the dabs of factory paint throughout. When we pulled the rear drums apart we noticed original shoes, spring and you would expect. The car hardly leaks and fluid except for the new slave cylinder.

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1963 Mercedes Benz

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Stock # EV4198