Stock # EV452
Mileage: 9,801
Automatic 4-Speed

1983 Buick Electra
Park Avenue
307 (5.0L) V8
2 Owners / Clean Carfax
Vin # 1G4AW69Y0DH478758
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We purchased this from what is believed to be only the second owner
Evolve Motors is pleased to present this gorgeous example of a low mileage Buick
Now we've been doing this for quite a long time here at Evolve Motors, and we've seen our fair share of low mileage automobiles. But when a friend of the shop called and said that they had a 1983 Buick Electra Park Avenue with only 9,000 miles on it, we had to jump in the truck and go check it out. What we found when we got there left us shocked! What an extremely clean example! It didn't take us long to walk around this car and find that the flaws were easily counted on one hand. We quickly opened up each door, anticipating some bad news, each time with a bigger smile on our faces as we realized this car was truly a 9,000 mile car, in every which way! As we opened the trunk and hood, we were almost to the point that we expected to find SOMETHING wrong, but were pleasantly surprised to see that this car was truly well kept. Buick has always been a nameplate for luxury automobiles. Giving us all of the creature comforts of the big Cadillacs, but at a price point the average person could still afford one. A big body car with the ride quality of any Sedan DeVille or Fleetwood Brougham, and all the options too! This car is not lacking in the accoutrements department
The exterior shines in it's original Medium Dark Blue Metallic. The brushed stainless body moldings are in perfect condition, showing no door dings or scratches along the way. The second door trim molding is in just as good condition as the first. As we walk around these mid 70's-80's cars, we have to check for the plastic bumper fillers, as they always tend to be cracked or missing. This car has all of it's original bumper fillers, and none of them show any signs of cracking or splitting! The original blue top is A1 perfect. This is a 2 seam top, and each seam has like-new stitching, with not 1 stitch cut, tore, or missing. The chrome covering the grills, headlight bezels, and bumpers is in fantastic condition, showing no age signs like flaking, pitting, or rusting anywhere throughout. Of course it can't be all good news, and with any used car, you're going to get some “character marks”. This car does have a slight ding on top of the passenger fender close to the antenna, as we've noted in the pictures. We also note a few other spots on that same fender closer to the grill where you'll find two smaller pin size dings, which could easily be massaged out with a paintless dent removal tool or specialist. There are two small areas where it looks as if a buffer may have cut through some of the clear coat on the passenger side of the hood, hardly noticeable by the naked eye, but I did take the time to zoom in and photograph those as well. We are a full disclosure company, and would never attempt to hide any flaws from a potential buyer! With that being said the most noticeable of the exterior flaws is right at the driver door key hole. It looks as it it had been bumped in a peculiar way, leaving an almost invisible dent around the keyhole itself. I believe the keyhole does a fine job of masking that small blemish, and if someone really had the ambition, could pop the lockset out of the door, fix that dent quickly and painlessly, and pop the lockset back in. The glass is in new condition, and the tires are showing well at 90% tread life left. Beyond those minor details, this car absolutely shines in the sun, and even with the flaws, scores an easy 8 out of 10 in our books
As we slide into the comfy cockpit of this classic cruiser, we are met with a plethora creature comforts

1983 Buick

Electra Park Avenue 4dr Sedan

Stock # EV452