Stock # EV596
Mileage: 20,986
Tripoli Turquoise

1968 Chevrolet Caprice Estate Wagon
Exceedingly Rare Big Block
Complete Documentation & Window Sticker
Numbers Matching 396ci 4bbl 325hp, Turbo Hyrda-matic, Factory A/C, Front Disc Brakes, AM/FM 8 track, Dual Exhaust, 3rd Row Seat, Power Steering
Vin # 166458J296591
Trim Tag Decoded
Body: 1968 4-door Custom Wagon 3-Seat (68-16645
Trim: Turquoise (845
Paint: Tripoli Turquoise (K
Assembly Plant: Janesville, Wisconsin (JAN
Evolve Motors and Chicago Car Club are pleased to present this 1968 Chevrolet Caprice Estate Wagon
This is a car we're excited to have. We were actually on the fence about even listing it for sale, because how often do you get the opportunity to own such a mint, original, well-documented big block wagon? Not often, that's for sure. This car is a real crowd-pleaser; just about everybody that enters our showroom makes a beeline straight for the wagon without even glancing at the other cars, no matter if they're a car-nut or not. This car is a true A-level survivor offered in completely original order with a known and well-documented history from new
The backstory of this wagon is as follows
The car was delivered new to Chevrolet GK of Downer's Grove, IL, where it was then sold to a Mr. and Mrs. Young in early November of 1968. The car sat on the dealer's lot for nearly a year before being sold at a hefty discount; manufacturer MSRP as optioned was $5,191, but the price the car actually sold for was just $3,400. At the time, an optioned-to-the-moon big-block wagon was a tough sell, as a wagon was more of a family-friendly, utility-only kind of vehicle. This one was likely a showroom display car, as it was loaded with just about every available option at the time, then cut loose at a discount to sell before the end of the model year. Mr. and Mrs. Young drove the car from November 1968 until the mid 1980s, when it went into storage under a car cover in their backyard barn. Mr. Young kept a handwritten log of fluid changes and mileage increments, with the final recording being an oil change in June 1980 at 18,222 miles. The car sat there in their backyard barn from the mid 1980s until early 2017, when we peeled back the car cover and pushed it out into the daylight. Mr. Young didn't just keep handwritten recordings of mileage, he held onto every bit of the original paperwork he could. Included in the sale is the dealer window sticker with options list and build specs, the original title, Mr. Young's check stub from the purchase, original Protecto Plate as well as a replacement (from when Mr. Young thought he had lost the original, later to be found), original owner's manual, and the original Bill of Sale. Since taking possession of the car, we've gone through it and serviced where due. Services included a fluid flush, removal and refurbishment of original fuel cell, replacement of fuel sending unit, and replacement of distributor points. We have since began to rack up the mileage and man, this thing feels truly excellent on the road. Not only is it a tremendous head-turner, it feels every bit like a 20,000 mile car. It starts right up immediately, doesn't smoke, idles smooth and quietly, shifts smoothly, brakes straight and effectively, and winds out without any sort of stuttering or hesitation
The Exterior
- Tripoli Turquoise is the perfect color for this car. Paint is 100% original, as confirmed with an Elcometer (digital paint gauge). There are absolutely no spots on this car that have been resprayed. Elcometer readings are between 2.4 and 3.2 on every inch of the car
- As paint is now 50 years old it's not 100% perfect, but it's pretty damn close. There is some minor spotting on the upper portion of the doors, as well as one light scratch on the driver's door, which a close-up photo of is provided. The entire surface is smooth and light spots m