Stock # EV473
Mileage: 49,916

1972 Chevy C-10
Custom Built
350 V8 – Automatic Trans
Edelbrock Carburetor / Air Filter
AM / FM / CD
Driver Quality Show Truck
Custom Leather Interior
Vin # CCE142S133598
Evolve Motors and Chicago Car Club are pleased to present this custom C-10 pickup
This C10 series of pickup trucks is one of the most iconic lines of trucks ever produced, by any manufacturer. Chevy built these rugged trucks from the early 60's up until the early 2000's where the C-badge adorned trucks of all shapes and sizes. As the classic truck market tends to be on it's biggest upswing in the past 2 decades, we're starting to see more and more of these cool old trucks pop up. Every once in awhile you see one that just catches your eye. A truck that makes you look twice. We couldn't help but snag up this sweet 72 when the owner offered it up to us. Now as any 40 year old pickup truck, this one's not perfect. However, one walk around this truck and you can see that the previous owner definitely spent some time (and money) getting it into the condition you see today. Let's take a walk around and get to know your new C10 a little better, shall we
The Exterior
I know what you're thinking… From first glance this thing looks like a show-stopping street sweeper. We are here to tell you she looks great, but she's not perfect. Anybody that is well versed in paint and body will tell you this truck has a fair amount of filler in her. You can see some obvious places near the front marker lights that have been “frenched” into the body, as well as some noticeable spots along the top of the cab near the rear cargo light. Please, we always urge you to take a good look through all the pictures, as we try to point out some of the flaws. I know it sounds crazy, but this truck actually shows up “too nice” in the pictures, and we want folks to know that we have it priced for the condition and quality that it is. If this truck was done A-1 perfectly, we'd be asking 3 times the money for it. Yes, I know, it's hard to believe; a car guy that will actually tell you what it is instead of sell you on what it's not?! Crazy, right? We've got a reputation of being the honest car guys, and we're here to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. The paint is OK, but there are some noticeable blemishes here and there. On the passenger side front fender, near the grill, you'll see a small blemish where it looks as if something sat in the paint prior to it being clear coated. It looks like dirt that you can't wipe off. Along the passenger bed-side, at the very top, you'll see a small “swirl” of a bluish-greenish paint, which also made it's way under the clear coat. Note the small blemish right at the very front of the driver's front wheel well. There's also a small bubble in the paint on the passenger side door, and a fair amount of “orange-peel” throughout the hood and sides. Again, we're not trying to “un-sell” the truck here, we just want folks to know what they're getting when they get it. The truck still looks phenomenal, and would make a great driver-quality truck that you wouldn't be afraid of getting caught out in the rain with, or to take on a Saturday trip to load up some lumber at Menards. She's still a pickup truck… just one that gets attention at every stop light and street corner in the country! The bed is in great shape, and looks to be coated with a “Line-X” type bed-liner. The chrome throughout the truck is in great shape, all the way down to the brand new 20” chrome “Ridler” wheels, which are wrapped by a brand new set of 285/50R Nexen tires

1972 Chevrolet

C/K 10 Series

Stock # EV473